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of St. Thomas, USVI

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Bitter End Quarterdeck Club, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Comfortably nestled on 75 acres of land and more than a mile of waterfront on the northeast extremity of Virgin Gorda, Bitter End is accessible only by water and is the last island outpost before the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a curved strand of coastline full of white sand beaches, deep, crystal-clear water, and abundant marine life. Fronting the island’s protected North Sound and idyllic Statia Sound, Bitter End is 12 miles from Tortola, 30 miles from St. Thomas and 75 miles from Puerto Rico.

With over 18 slips on the primary docks, the all-new redesigned Quarterdeck Marina - the focal point of the Club - opened in 2012 for annual repeat-visit charter vacation sailors, cruising voyagers, deep-sea anglers, and yacht enthusiasts. It even has eight slips that can accommodate large yachts up to 150 feet long and with drafts of 15 feet or more. The rest of the slips provide 10 feet or more of water. The marina also has an L-dock featuring room for two smaller yachts and accommodation for up to four mega-yacht berths (up to 235ft long). Additional accommodation for up to 35 vessels is available on the five docks located over Bitter End’s waterfront.

The services offered to visiting yachts include electricity (30amp 110v; 50amp 220v; 100amp), trash drop-off, fuel, ice, fresh water, showers, and provisioning.

The Emporium is stocked with all the staples one might need aboard a yacht, as well as snacks to keep the deckhands happy. Crewmembers will be even happier with a visit to the Pub, where they can swap sea stories and spin salty yarns over a pint or two. Bitter End’s Pub offers a full menu including shepherd's pie, rotis, fish and chips, and brick oven pizza.

Distance to Airport: 17km
Local Airfield: 9km
Heli port: 1km

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